29th Aug - 29th Sept
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Well this place is anything but ordinary. We wanted a positive solution to student housing without that meaning cutting any corners. 


Since the town’s foundation, the atmosphere of change has always been thick in the air.  From Penryn’s busy port to key events leading to the Prayer Book Rebellion in 1549, the town has never been afraid of challenging the status quo.


We want to keep that tradition alive and utilising the Cornish word “Gul” which means to make or create. Our goal is to build a solution to the issues currently not easily fixed by traditional thinking.

Easy solutions to complex problems.

As a student studying at Falmouth University, you will be able to have the opportunity of living in one of the most stylish but noticeably irregular concepts of accommodation you’ve ever seen. These innovative and sustainable containers will encourage you to think outside the box whilst at the same time living in one!

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